Enable Mobile Location Access

There are three general ways to disable location access to a web site

  1. Disable location access for an entire app in the device’s security settings
  2. Disable location access for the web browers in the browser’s security settings
  3. Disable location access for a web site in the brower’s securioty settings.

This page with describe how to enable location for cases 2 and 3.

Typical Scenario

The typical scenario is as follows

  • user loads a web site
  • the site prompts the user to access their location
  • the user clicks “deny” on the prompt

Enable Location

In Chrome, do the following

  1. select the menu and choose “Settings”
  2. Scroll to Advanced and choose “Site settings”
  3. Choose “Location”

Under Location you will see two settings

  • ensure “Ask before allowing sites to know your location” is set to “true”
  • if “YourLo.ca” is listed in the sites that are blocked, remove it