Release Notes

  • Release 4.22.12xx
    Added a default message template. Users can create a default message that will be sent to with the request. Users can still edit the message as needed in the request form. The message template can be edited in the Account Settings.
    Bug fixes, small changes to layout, improved help, and menu changes.

  • Release 4.20.1120:
    Added altitude to all position updates

  • Release 4.19.1121.1:
    MMS Message support
    Added “Add to desktop” feature to install to smart phone and mobile device desktops
  • Release 4.19.1115.0:
    Bug and performance fixes, updates to libraries, ports to Bootstrap 4.7, changes to use a single phone number.

  • Release 4.0, January 2015: SMS from Web
    Re-wrote to use Twilio SMS system to send and receive text messages directly from the service.

  • Release 3.0, May 30, 2013: Rewrite:
    Re-wrote the entire application to run on Microsoft Azure cloud services. Software used by emergency responders is mission critical. Hosting on Azure allows to scale to the demands of its users, backs data into a reliable database, and sends email messages through the SendGrid email system for reliable messaging and guaranteed delivery.

  • Release 2.3, March 12, 2013 : Bug fixes and performance improvements
    This is the first generally available public release of the software

  • Release 2.2, March 4, 2013 : Public Release
    This is the first generally available public release of the software

  • Release 2.1, March 3, 2013 : Beta testing
    Activated GPS sensor, public beta testing

  • Release 2.0, March 2, 2013 : Alpha testing
    Moved to the Bootstrap system

  • Release 1.1, March, 2013 : Private testing
    Private testing on various phones and scenarios, implemented email feature and request for position that automatically reports

  • Release 1.0, March 1, 2013 : Prototype
    Created a single page that figured out the location of a device and allowed users to email manually. This implementation took 30 minutes.