$100 / year

$200 / year


  • Generate tracking URLs using the service
  • Manually transmit URLs to subject (using your own phone/email)
  • Track subject location using service
  • Generate and transmit tracking URLs using the service
  • Track subject location using service
  • Record of SMS exchanges with subject
  • Full list of features
  • Generate and transmit tracking URLS using the service
  • Track subject location using service
  • Record of SMS exchanges with subject
  • Custom SMS number
  • On call technical support

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Custom Solutions Development

In addition to the above services, we’re available to provide a quote for the following

  • Integrate or portions of the service into your dispatch, EMS, or other system
  • Develop custom extensions to for your particular dispatch needs.
  • Host or other custom developed solution in your own, private, virtual machine.

Examples of custom solutions include:

Dispatch Centre

A single phone number point-of-contact that integrates the SMS, MMS, and location tracking features of with voice contact and dispatch functionality.

This solution would be perfect for a ski hill operator who manages a large area and could be responding to injuries where knowing the location is essential. A single call to the dispatch centre could trigger location tracking services automatically to speed up response.

Field Team Tracking

A simple custom field unit tracking solution based on the techniques. Standing alone or coupled with the above dispatch solution, this product would manage a diverse team of mobile units, tracking their location and capable of communications and management.

If integrated with a dispatch system this solution could guide responding elements to the right location and place them in contact with the party requesting assistance.