Release 4.20.0730 version 4.20.0730 has been released to production with the following new features

  • Upgrades to Twillio, SendGrid and other libraries for stability and speed enhancements
  • Addition of a “Close” feature to archive old location requests
    Once an agency has finished a location request and the incident is resolved we found sometimes the recipient of the request would re-load the request page. This is concerning because it might reveal their location in a context where they are not aware of what is happening and presents a possible privacy breach.
    By closing the request the agency prevents this from happening while preserving the audit trail of the request and all communications with the subject.
  • Addition of the Range Rings Feature
    “Range Rings” are a concept developed by Robert J. Koester in his book Lost Person Behaviour. The ranges developed based on Robert’s research are available in his book and app available for iPhone and Android.
    Our range ring feature lets you select a position on the map and enter the ranges for 25%, 50%, 75% and 95% confidence intervals, providing a simple planning tool for rapid SAR response.

Thanks to all the supporters of this effort and best of luck in all of your searches.