• Automated gathering and transmission of GPS coordinates
    The recipient clicks the link and gives permission to share their location. That’s it.
  • Manual gathering and transmission of GPS coordinates
    Recipient can update their position by clicking a button.
  • Estimated error in position
    All position solutions involve error. We record and transmit that error so you can make informed decisions on how much to trust a set of coordinates.
  • Push notifications via SMS, Email, and web
    Updates come in via separate channels for reliability.
  • Live map update with estimated error
    Visualize the location live on the map to do initial planning
  • Shareable map links
    Share the subject location via the map link within your organization
  • KML, GPX, UTM, USNG data display
    Download the GPS coordinates in standard formats to use with other Geographic Information Systems
  • Auditable record of interactions with missing person
    For record keeping and after action reports, all interactions with the subject recorded
  • Receive MMS (pictures)
    Subject can send pictures and other data from their location for intelligence
  • Forward phone calls from subject to contact number
    Subject can call the contact number and it will be forwarded to your agency’s phone.
  • Single point of contact between agency and subject
    Subject doesn’t need to deal with multiple SMS or voice contacts over time. Simplifies interaction with your agency and leads to less confusion.